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For a simple solution to lowering your energy costs consider the latest in hot water technology for your San Joaquin county home with a tankless water heater installation from Rooter Dr. We’re already trusted in thousands of other local homes for their home maintenance needs for over 60 years, and offer rapid on-time service from experienced and professional plumbers. Learn more about our satisfaction guaranteed service here. Discover the benefits of a tankless water heater.

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NEVER RUN OUT OF HOT WATER! Tankless systems heat hot water ‘on demand’ as it is needed. Our tankless professionals can size the system to your exact needs.

REDUCED RUNNING COSTS: Tankless water heaters are an excellent alternative to traditional tank water heaters for your home’s hot water needs. With a tank system, the water is heated and re-heated in case it is needed throughout the day and you’re paying to keep that water hot whether you use it or not. With the energy efficient tankless system, the water is only heated when you need it – the minute you turn on the tap, the water is heated for your use, saving you day after day on your utility bills and providing you with a continuous and convenient supply of hot water.

ENERGY EFFICIENT: By only operating when it is needed, you’re reducing your energy consumption and with a reduction in energy usage you’re also helping the environment by lowering your family’s carbon footprint, as well as saving you money. It’s a win/win for your family, your pocket book, and the earth.

SPACE SAVING: As the name suggests, a tankless system doesn’t require a tank because it doesn’t need to store the hot water. This means where your old tank used to be, you now have free space to be used for extra storage or any other purpose.

EXPERT INSTALLATIONS: At Rooter Dr. we provide you with an expert installation to ensure you get the most our of your new system and with satisfaction guaranteed service to give you total peace of mind.

CLEAN-CUT AND PROFESSIONAL: All our technicians are clean-cut professionals who will arrive on time and use work area mats whilst in your home as well as wear shoe covers to minimize any mess plus they will clean up before they leave so your home is as tidy as when they arrived.

LICENSED AND INSURED: Rooter Dr. is fully licensed and insured for your complete confidence.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED SERVICE: Our dedication to excellent customer service starts from the first time you call. With a team of professionals dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service and quality workmanship, we know you’ll be more than satisfied you chose Rooter Dr. for your plumbing needs.

For energy efficient tankless water heating installations and repairs for your home in Stockton, Lodi, Galt, Tracy, Manteca and the rest of San Joaquin county, call and speak with the tankless hot water experts at Rooter Dr. today.


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